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who are here to help you take your game to a higher level

The Sportpholeo Site and Mobile App have been created by former professional and high-level, athletes, coaches and scouts who want to help improve the way athletes are currently being trained, scouted and selected.

We provide a Social Media platform for athletes to showcase their sporting abilities to a local and global audience of; scouts, clubs, coaches, universities and other members of our community. Athletes receive; guidance, training aids, valuable resources, photos,videos as well as video analysis from professional players and coaches. Communicate directly with the professionals, without having to pay high fees to attend academies and clinics.

Learn latest techniques, sport specific mechanics, hone your skills, as well as have your videos analyzed by professionals from within the same sport. Whether you are at your computer or on your mobile device, you will have a notification and messaging feature that allows you to easily, communicate with and remain in contact with friends, teammates, coaches and professionals.

Many young athletes have a dream of one day playing for a University and/or Professional club. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, a very small percent of players achieve this goal.

Sportpholeo makes it possible for athletes to promote themselves to a local and global audience. We are continuously working to provide training guides, video analysis, and assistance from qualified professionals within your sport who know how to; spot talent, help correct mistakes as well as provide advice and training methods to help athletes progress to a higher level.


  • Receive your Profile Page where you can store information, important dates, photos and videos
  • Communicate one-to-one with professional players and coaches and add them to your friends list
  • Receive valuable resources and videos from the professionals
  • Ask the Professionals questions and receive answers
  • Chat with professionals and other athletes on the Sportpholeo Resource Board
  • Have your videos analyzed by the professionals
  • Find friends and other players from around the world who you can message and follow
  • Place players on your personal Watch List and follow their progress
  • Easily take, upload, store and share photos and videos from the Sportpholeo App
  • Keep your personal calendar and place important events, practices and games on the calendar of others
  • Find out where you rank globally within your sport and age group

Professionals and Universities

  • Receive your own Profile page where you can store information, important dates, photos and videos
  • Search for and Flag specific athletes based on broad or specific criteria
  • If a specific athlete is not a member currently, you will be notified when he or she joins the Sportpholeo Community
  • Scouting is made easy, without extensive travel and expense
  • Have the ability to scout local or global players at a younger age and monitor their progression

“Clubs seem to prefer earlier identification on younger players, guys eligible for ’17, ’18, ’19, as early as we can possibly identify them, without reports, without evaluation.

We’ll hunt the guys who are eligible in subsequent years and just identify them as guys clubs should look at, and then clubs will go out and evaluate them and form their own opinions on guys.”

While the Bureau is scaling back on stateside evaluation, Bavasi said the plan is to intensify efforts internationally.

That’s more of a growth industry. I would say that we would look at the Dominican and Venezuela similarly as we do the draft. Clubs do a great job in those countries and don’t need a whole lot of help getting a really detailed evaluation.

There’s more of a growth situation in Europe and Asia and Australia and Africa, and so I’m more focused on raising the level of the game there and making sure that we’re tracking down the players there.”

Bill Bavasi, Director
Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau

Based on broad or specific criteria, athletes, amateur clubs, professionals and universities can be found in a Global Search Engine. From here you can; go directly to their Profile page, message them, request a friend or teammate, or place them on your Watch List. The particular person or club will be notified of your request, action or message via the Sportpholeo Site, Mobile App and their personal email.

Be alerted whenever players or professionals update their profile, add a photo or video and more!

As a member of the Sportpholeo Community, you will receive your personal Profile page along with the Sportpholeo App. You can now take photos and videos of your performance and upload them directly to your page, without having to download them to your computer and then upload them to your site. Instantly share photos and videos with either the Site or App.

Remain in touch with people and receive alerts regarding events and notifications.

Search the Sportpholeo video library! Just input specific or broad criteria and the Sportpholeo system will quickly find videos of your choice.

Gain access to and view athletes from around the world, through the video library and Flagging feature, which will locate any athlete or athletes based on broad or very specific criteria.

If a specific athlete is not a member of the Sportpholeo Community, you will be notified whenever he or she joins.



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