The Sportpholeo site and mobile app is a great way for you to promote your club or school to a local and global audience, and to also scout for and possibly identify new talent. Additionally, should athletes from another geographic area move into your area, they will be able to easily find your school or club.

Feel free to post photos, videos, highlights of games, and any news you feel is relevant. Use our Athlete Search function to identify players within the Sportpholeo Community that possess specific talents. Input broad or specific criteria and the search will reveal desired players. From there, you can; send them a message, add them as friends or teammates, and even place them on your watch list so you will be alerted whenever they update their profile.

keep an eye on talent

Most coaches and teams know who the major players are. However, it’s the late bloomers who tend to go unnoticed. The Sportpholeo site helps you identify and track those players who may otherwise be overlooked by your competition. If you are tracking a player, you can see how he or she progresses and make a determination whether or not to pursue that player –now or in the future. Keep in mind, you can always contact players directly, or through their parent or coach.

Use our Flagging feature to find athletes who posses specific skills. Just input your criteria and our database will present those athletes who possess the criteria you desire. The key benefit to the Flagging feature is if an athlete who possesses your specific criteria does not currently exist within the Sportpholeo Community, you will be notified as soon as he or she joins.

You will be alerted whenever athletes on your watch list, update their profile, so you can track their progress or even scout them.


Receive a personal calendar where you can schedule events on the calendar of your teammates and coaches. You can easily schedule and share important events such as; practice, games, social functions and more.

Keep record of all your events and either make them PUBLIC (viewable by the entire Sportpholeo Community), or PRIVATE.

Coaches can now have a better idea of which players will be attending practice and games, because recipients will have to accept or reject the event you have placed on their calendar.

Amateur coaches and clubs receive:
A Personal Dashboard
  • Store information about specific players based on criteria you have predetermined
  • Flagging feature, where you can input specific criteria and be alerted whenever a player who meets your criteria registers or comes online
  • Watch list, allows you to watch certain players to see how they develop. Be alerted whenever your listed players update their profile page
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Make yourself public or remain anonymous
  • Global search by country, state, city
  • Video Search allows you to search athlete videos to use for scouting and recruiting
  • Your members can link to your profile page and you can link to theirs
  • Use Sportpholeo to communicate with your members. List practices, games and more
  • Access valuable resources from the Professionals
  • Communicate with Professional players, coaches and Universities
The Sportpholeo App
  • All features of the App so you can remain in touch, even when you are not near your computer