Early and Late Bloomers

Those who are tasked with the responsibility of evaluating talent may overlook an early bloomer’s need to develop and fine-tune necessary skills to compete at a higher level because this athlete may be the biggest and most developed at the time.

For Example

It’s the ‘big’ youngster who dominates on the rugby pitch, until the younger, late bloomers get older, bigger and faster. Historically in Little League baseball the youngster who possesses the strongest arm, tends to be placed in the position of pitcher. However, if he doesn’t develop, learn how to pitch and keep progressing, he will soon find other players have surpassed him.

There are quite a few Major League Baseball pitchers who have poor mechanics and are headed for shoulder or elbow injury. However, these pitchers can throw a fastball at 95mph, and have decent control along with 2-3 other pitches. As a result, some coaches may not attempt to tweak the mechanics of these pitchers because they are throwing just fine – now. The same thing happens to many dominant early blooming youngsters, who are playing sandlot ball.
Furthermore, those who are tasked with the responsibility of evaluating talent may overlook a late bloomer because there may be older and more developed athletes available. Additionally, keep in mind that those who may be coaching a sport may not possess the ability to see into the future to find a late bloomer whom with proper coaching might turn out to be a professional star!

This is why your profile on Sportpholeo should include as much information as possible so scouts and coaches will have a good idea of your current abilities as well as your ability to improve over time. Don’t rely on others to promote you. Do it yourself!

Many professional scouts and coaches tend to focus on those athletes who are early bloomers and on those who are immediately ready to move to a higher level or become professionals.
The older, bigger and faster youngsters may be the most dominant on the field of play. Consequently, there may be other players who have not yet progressed to the point of being noticed (late bloomers), but in time, with proper coaching may excel.
You can always tell arm strength. We all have radar guns for that,
but you can't put a radar gun to a player's heart or head.
Major League Scouting Bureau

Professional scouts and clubs receive thousands of letters, photos and videos from aspiring players who see this contact as an investment in their future. Tryout camps are conducted by some clubs so they can have a better idea of available talent. Serious players try to attend as many tryout camps as possible, but are restrained by time, money and location.

Some parents take their child to several different clubs each week night in the belief that if their young one does more of a particular sport they are going to get better and possibly be noticed by a professional scout or club. However, it doesn’t always work like that. Most of the time, players fall under the bias of the coach or scout. If a scout or coach does not like a particular player for one reason or another, that player may be overlooked. You must stick with it!

Here are just a few examples of Professional stars who were chosen much later than other players, but have risen to the top of their sport
Tom Brady New England Patriots

6th round pick

Shannon Sharpe Denver Broncos

7th round pick

Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals

13th round pick

Mike Piazza La Dodgers

62nd round pick

Isaiah Thomas Sacramento Kings

60th (the final) pick

Luca Toni Italy

King of the Late Bloomers

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Most amateur coaches try to provide the best possible coaching to youngsters.

Young athletes need quality coaching at a young age. If you do not learn proper techniques and sport mechanics at a young age, it will be difficult to play at a high level when you get older.

If you’re an early bloomer, don’t rely on your current ability. Apply yourself to learning more and honing your skills. Seek out those who are qualified to push you to the next level. Surround yourself with those who are playing at a higher level than you, so you can grow.

If you are a late bloomer, don’t discredit yourself or lose interest because you are playing a sport where others are bigger and more talented than you at this point. Listen to coaches, seek help from experienced players, see how the pros do it, and practice. When you’re finished practicing – practice some more. Most importantly, learn proper mechanics at an early age. In order to make it to the “Big Time” you must be; fit, have proper mechanics, and know your sport.

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