The Sportpholeo site and mobile app is a great way for you to promote your club or university and helps you make more educated decisions when scouting, identifying and choosing new talent.

Feel free to post photos, videos, highlights of games, and any news you feel is relevant. Use our Athlete Search function to identify players within the Sportpholeo Community that possess specific talents. Input broad or specific criteria and the search will reveal desired players. From there, you can; send them a message, add them as friends or teammates, and even place them on your personal watch list where you can monitor each athlete's progress and be notified whenever an athlete updates their profile or adds an event to their calendar.

Use the Flagging function to identify athletes who possess a specific skillset. For example: if you are seeking athletes from a specific geographic area or on a global basis, who run the 60m Sprint in 6.7-7.0 seconds, or a Baseball pitcher who is 6’3” left-handed and throws 90mph+, our database will quickly identify athletes who meet the criteria and reveal their profile to you. If such an athlete does not currently exist within the Sportpholeo Community, you will be notified as soon as he or she joins.

The Personal Profile of such athletes will be revealed and you can perform a number of functions from this view. If you choose to visit the athlete’s profile page, you will see all pertinent information for you to decide whether or not to place this person on your Watch List, or to immediately contact them.

At any time you can place athletes on your Personal Watch List, to monitor their progression. You will be alerted whenever they update their profile or adds a photo or video.

Once anyone has been placed on a Watch List, they will be notified that ‘someone is watching.’ As a professional you may choose to remain PRIVATE. In such case, you will not be revealed.

Once on this list, you will be alerted whenever the athlete updates their profile, adds a video, and more. This is one way you can remain in touch with athletes who may not be in your geographic area, or who may not be ready for signing just yet. You can watch athletes for as long as you deem necessary for you to make an educated decision. Of course, you may contact an athlete at any time through our private, messaging portal. You may contact them directly, through their parent or through their coach.

University and Professional scouts and coaches have a difficult job in finding late bloomers.

“Everyone knows who the stars are, and we all fight to get them. It’s the diamonds in the rough that are the most difficult to find.”

Vince Cappelli, University Coach and Professional Scout
Many scouts want to identify athletes who are ready to play at a high level. Unfortunately, it’s easy to overlook ‘late-blooming’ athletes. You are the professionals, know your sport, and know how to spot talent. Sportpholeo helps scouts and coaches identify talent and monitor the progression of athletes. We also provide a Cross-Sport Pollination, where you may find an athlete who plays a different sport to yours, but possesses key skills that may transfer to your sport. For example; there may be a young Rugby player who has the skills to play American Football, or a Baseball player who can cross over to Cricket.

“Scouting football players as young as five, persuading an 11-year-old to sign a contract with private school education or offering a teenager's parents a house are some of the things English (Soccer) clubs are doing to secure the country's best youngsters in an increasingly desperate fight to beat rivals to sign potential stars.”

Alistair Magowan, BBC Sports
Don’t rely on Club or School coaches, other scouts or Scouting Bureaus to find and assess talent for you. Sportpholeo makes it easy for you to locate and follow athletes based on your criteria. All done in real-time!

Players cannot contact you directly unless you authorize it. You can simply click the ‘make public’ or ‘remain private’ tabs. However, some players may choose to use our Game Whistle feature, where they can send out a self-promotion to all coaches, clubs and scouts. Should you receive one of these messages, you can decide whether or not to read it and view their profile, save it, delete it or reply to it. This is an important feature because you may discover someone who suites your current or future needs

Keeping an eye on current and potential stars is important. Universities and Professionals spend a lot of money and battle their competition to discover and sign the best possible talent. Sportpholeo provides a quick an easy way to; discover, track, contact and remain in touch with talented athletes – and it’s FREE!

To maintain proper Child Protection, in order to gain FREE access to the Sportpholeo site and mobile app, you must be associated with a professional sports club/team, a recognized professional scouting group, or a University.

Professional scouts and Universities receive:
A Personal Dashboard
  • Store information about specific players based on criteria you have predetermined
  • Flagging feature, where you can input specific criteria and be alerted whenever a player who meets your criteria registers or comes online
  • Watch list, allows you to watch certain players to see how they develop. Be alerted whenever your listed players update their profile page
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Make yourself public or remain anonymous
  • Detailed or broad SEARCH function
  • Detailed VIDEO SEARCH function
The Sportpholeo App
  • All features of the App so you can remain in touch, even when you are not near your computer